"Supporting charities that give individuals - mainly children and young people - help in making the most of their lives"
Our Philosophy
  • We believe that people most value things they have worked for. To this end, we like to see recipients making some form of contribution towards the project, even if it is not in the form of cash

  • We prefer to support projects that help to prevent rather than cure problems

  • We like charities that work locally, make good use of volunteers and can stand up for themselves when challenged about their work

  • We like to ‘back the person’ – some of our most effective grants have been attached to the continuing employment of an individual who has impressed us. Much funding is salaries and associated core costs

  • We acknowledge that times are changing and dislike the shifting of government responsibilities onto charities

  • We seldom support capital projects as that is an area where funding appears to be easier to find

  • We don’t need to see our name on every project

  • We dislike the fact that charities are treated differently from commercial companies

  • We believe that charities need to improve their professionalism, and to continually try to move to a sustainable position

  • We hope that social enterprises will multiply and provide services at a local level